Temporary and interim staff

So; Onyx Recruitment has placed you in a temporary role – congratulations!! But what next? How will you be paid? How is the holiday pay calculated? What do we need from you to get you set up on the payroll? What if you work via a limited company? Below are the answers to these questions!


The pay rate we agree with you before commencing the assignment will be paid on a PAYE basis and holiday pay will be paid in addition to that rate.

Holiday Entitlement

The Holiday Year will run from the start of April to the end of March. During that time you are entitled to 28 days paid leave if you work the whole year (and scaled down proportionately for any part of it). You will need to tell us when you are due to take holidays and for how many days. We will keep records of your entitlement as it grows during the Holiday Year, so that you will know how much you have built up to take at any one time.
Holiday Pay will be paid for as days (or part days) of leave, not hours, as your entitlement is accrued on that basis, so we need to be consistent for both.

LTD Company

The pay rate we agree will be paid via your limited company into the company bank account. It cannot be paid to a personal bank account. We require a copy of your Certificate of Incorporation, your VAT registration details and the letter confirming that you are opting in or out.

Starter Pack

You will be sent a starter pack which will contain the following documents;

  • An assignment confirmation letter that clarifies your pay rate and type, the assignment start date and the company name and your job title
  • Two employment contracts – both need to be signed and one kept for your records and one sent back to Onyx for our records
  • A bank details form – this needs to be completed and signed and that then allows us to pay your salary directly into your bank account
  • Timesheets (daily or hourly) dependent on your status and pay arrangements
  • An “Opt in” or “Opt Out” letter if you are working through a limited company

You will need to forward the these and any outstanding documentation to Onyx Recruitment that has not already been supplied-; your P45; a copy of your passport; copies of your qualification certificates if applicable and any referee contact details or copies of full references.

You will need to ensure that your completed timesheets and invoice (if applicable) are emailed or faxed to Onyx Recruitment, once authorised by the client each Friday afternoon. The relevant email address of the consultant who placed you will be on your assignment confirmation letter and the fax number is 0845 026 2051. You will be paid weekly a week in arrears.

Your consultant is on hand to assist with any queries relating to your assignment so please liaise directly with them if you have any concerns at any point of your assignment.

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